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Express loan – Instant cash withdrawal.

On our site you will find a list of the best loan companies in Poland, offering quick money in the form of an express loan . Checking various options and fees can be a difficult task, which is why we’ve gathered the best offers on the market in one place. Here you can easily compare them and choose the one that best suits your needs. Many users attach great importance to the speed at which they can receive money. The loan companies we offer usually operate online, thanks to which they operate quickly. Thus, you no longer have to worry about paperwork or having to visit one of your bank’s few branches.

Loan companies gathered on the site Many Bankis.pl operate mainly online, so they can process your application much faster than fixed-line banks, which operate only during limited opening hours. Thus, all necessary information reaches the right place much faster.

A loan in the blink of an eye

A loan in the blink of an eye

The speed of the transaction and the short loan process are key aspects for most customers. That is why loan companies pay special attention to the speed of their services. This is the basic criterion on the basis of which customers choose a given loan.

Internet Banks Vs. Traditional Banking?

Traditional bank customers are required to justify the reason for the loan before the bank accepts their application. By choosing a loan through the Many Bankis.pl website, you can avoid this arduous process. This way you don’t have to answer insightful questions, and all formalities are done electronically.

Most of the loan companies on the Many Bankis.pl website are companies that only operate on the network, therefore they are not lenders commonly known from television commercials. Some of them are recognizable due to the separate industry in which they operate.

Express loan for PLN 1,000

Express loan for PLN 1,000

If you need an instant loan , you can find offers for various amounts. You can get an express loan for both PLN 1,000 and any other amount up to PLN 200,000. Loan companies gathered on our site guarantee a wealth of choice.


If you need an express loan , it’s very important to choose the right size offer. Thanks to Many Bankis, you can compare loans offered by the best lenders on the market. It doesn’t matter if you need a small or large sum, a comparison of loans from PLN 100 to PLN 200,000 is available on our website. As an independent portal, Many Bankis does not offer loans. To make your choice easier, we have made a careful selection and rejected unfavorable offers. We present a number of affordable loans, which include the best offers and the lowest prices .

Express loan – what is it?

Express loan - what is it?

An express loan is a form of quick loan granted over the internet. It may also appear under such names as payday loans or consumer loans.


Before you can apply for a loan, you must meet several basic conditions:

  • You must be an adult and must be at least 18 years old;
  • You must confirm your identity with a valid photo ID, e.g. ID card or passport;
  • You cannot be registered in the debt database (KRD, BIK);
  • Preferring, you should have a stable income.

If you want to take out a loan, you must be 18 years old. Otherwise, you cannot enter into a legally binding contract. Nevertheless, for people aged 18-25, the number of offers can be significantly limited. This is due to the fact that young people often do not have a stable income. Many Bankis takes this into account, which is why you can tailor searches to your age.

Does my age matter?

Does my age matter?

In some cases, the age of the borrower is significant. There are non-bank companies that offer loans for people over 18, others require the age of 20, and others only borrow after the age of 23. This is primarily because loan companies want to be sure of the loan and pay attention to experience in managing their own finances.

Agreements are made via the Internet, so you often need to confirm your identity as shown in the document. After providing data from your ID card, a representative of a specific company will contact you to confirm your personal details. In addition, a steady source of income will be treated as an additional attribute that can result in a better offer from the lender. This is due to greater certainty about your financial base, so you can pay off your debt faster. If you have shared savings with your partner, you can also expect better terms, including lower interest rates on the loan.


Unfortunately, many people experience financial problems and are under pressure to accumulate expenses and increasing debt. In some situations, this leads to an entry in the KRD (National Debt Register) or BIK (Credit Information Bureau). In this situation, most banks refuse to grant a loan because of a poor credit history, which makes it difficult for indebted people to obtain money.

There are non-bank companies that offer loans to indebted clients, but these are usually offers with very high interest rates and numerous fees. Because an agreement on this type of terms can have disastrous consequences for people in financial difficulties, we decided not to include companies offering loans without BIK in our statement.

The best advice we can give is to focus on paying off your current debt, which led you to enter the BIK. If you settle your debt to creditors who have put your name on the list, you have the chance to rectify your situation, get out of the debt database and apply for a loan on normal terms.

Borrow express free without BIK

Being a registered debtor is extremely difficult to get a loan. The best solution for people registered in BIK is not to borrow. Although a quick loan may seem like a great idea if you already have debts, it is not the solution to your problems. We encourage you to focus primarily on paying off your obligations so you can get out of the debt base.

Waiting time for approval of the loan application

Waiting time for approval of the loan application

A lot depends on where and how much money you are going to borrow. If you want to borrow money from your bank, it is the bank’s branch that must approve your application. To do this, you need to share data on your personal finances, including income, debts and expenses. The bank may require you to submit your budget, as well as submit your payslips, annual billing documents, and statement of expenses. On the basis of the above documents and an interview with the representative of the branch, the bank decides to grant the loan. It is obvious that the application process is very long and complicated. That is why you do not have to count on fast cash withdrawals if you apply for a loan at a traditional bank. On the other hand, by choosing an online loan, you can save time and effort because the whole process is much simpler. In the case of an online loan, you have the chance to get a quick loan. It is therefore a great solution for people who need money immediately. Submitting an application and completing all formalities in the event of a quick online loan is much easier. All you need is an adult, you manage your finances on your own and you are not registered in BIK. If you meet these conditions, you’re well on your way to getting an instant loan.


Online loans usually have a higher interest rate than traditional bank loans. The reason is the lack of collateral for such a loan, which means that the entrepreneur bears a higher risk when granting the loan. As compensation for a higher interest rate, you get many other benefits. If you are looking for an express loan or one where you do not have to explain your intentions regarding the use of money, traditional banking may not be very helpful.

How much does the express loan cost?

The cost of an express loan is no different from a regular consumer loan. They depend mainly on the APRC loan, i.e. the actual annual interest rate. You should also pay attention to the loan interest rate. Especially customers interested in loans for a very short period of time should pay attention to the interest rate and other commissions and fees.

Due to the higher interest rate on online loans, it’s important to choose one that you can repay within a certain period of time. Remember not to sign a contract whose terms you cannot meet. Therefore, we advise you to carefully check the cost of the loan, APRC, initial and administrative fees, installments and interest rates.

Borrow with ease and take control of your life

Borrow with ease and take control of your life

It is impossible to predict the future like a weather forecast or determine what will happen in your life with 100% accuracy. You never know what awaits you around the corner. Maybe winning the Lotto, or maybe just a ticket for parking in an unauthorized place. For many people, moments when money is lacking is a completely natural part of life. These may be small budget shortcomings at the end of the month, or perhaps urgent needs requiring immediate financial support. Maybe you just want to finally be able to afford the small pleasures and cravings for which you had no money so far.

Some people decide on an online loan because they plan radical changes in their lives, for example, marriage, buying a dream car or making a long-awaited journey. For others, an online loan is like a first aid kit whenever their finances are under greater pressure. Whatever the reason for your decision, you can find the right option for yourself from one of the online lenders. There are currently many options and types of loans available online. They differ in the amount of the loan, conditions, application process, repayment date and interest rate. If you carefully analyze the available offers and market conditions, you can find an online loan that suits your financial possibilities.

When do I finish paying off my loan?

When do I finish paying off my loan?

It all depends on the size of the borrowed amount as well as the interest rate and monthly installments. The loan amount refers to the amount of money borrowed. In turn, the interest rate determines the percentage of this amount that you must pay in addition to the agreed monthly installment. The installment specified in the loan agreement defines what part of the debt should be repaid each month.

Borrow money now

Do you want to take a loan immediately? On our site you can check how quickly you can expect a response from a loan company and choose the one that responds the fastest. However, the rate at which you withdraw money depends primarily on the amount of money borrowed.



If you can’t make ends meet, don’t wait for advisors to find time in their schedule and arrange an appointment in the office. In this situation, you need immediate help from the rescue team. You can get it through an express online loan, thanks to which you will quickly get money to your account and save yourself unpleasant situations.

Modern day lenders have developed a model that better matches the lifestyle of busy people. For this reason, more and more interested people are turning to online businesses.

Currently, the loan can be finalized using a computer or telephone. Loan companies also guarantee instant service, which is an additional benefit for people who urgently need cash. Thus, despite many years of experience, traditional banking is not able to compete with loan companies that offer clever solutions and efficient methods focused on quick service.

Easy application process and guarantee of quick cash withdrawal

Easy application process and guarantee of quick cash withdrawal

The common denominator of all online loans is the quick and easy application process. Bureaucracy, numerous discussions, agonizing and complicated forms to fill out are no longer a problem. Instead, online companies give you the opportunity to take out loans at an express pace. All you have to do is complete a simple application, after which you can expect a response from a loan company even on the same day.

You must wait at most a few days for a response from the creditor. Many loan companies try to meet the expectations of customers who demand the fastest possible cash withdrawal. Most often it is possible in the case of loans for smaller amounts. If you are applying for a larger, more comprehensive loan, the processing time of your application may be relatively longer.

Remember, however, that loans offered by Internet companies, even for higher sums, have a much shorter waiting time for response and withdrawal of money compared to traditional banks. Non-bank companies have the ability to process all applications efficiently, because they do not impose as many requirements on customers as banks. In addition, these companies do not require collateral for the loan, just as they are not interested in the reason why their clients choose it.

Due to fewer requirements and a simple loan application system, non-bank companies are able to offer the best quick loans on the finance market.

Express loan for everyone

After the loan company approves your application, you will get the money directly to your account. Many people are afraid that they will not be able to borrow money because they were not offered very favorable conditions in the bank in the past, so their application will probably not be accepted by the internet company. It doesn’t have to look that way. Non-bank enterprises employ their own specialists who assess creditworthiness based on the information you provide. Because it is usually easier to meet the requirements of online companies, it is rare for a client’s application to be rejected. So you can confidently apply for a loan without worrying about being rejected. And even if your application is not accepted, it means that you are not eligible for a loan, which in your case would not be a good solution.

Which loan should I choose?

Which loan should I choose?

It all depends on your personal financial situation, your needs and when you intend to use the money. If you need money to buy a car, you can find more information in the “Car loan” tab, where you will find offers that suit your situation. On our site you can organize your search results to suit your needs.

Insta Money, no security required

Express cash, no security required

The advantage of express loans is, among other things, that you don’t have to go to a bank branch to get it. You do not have to maintain extensive email correspondence with your adviser or answer numerous phone calls regarding your creditworthiness check. In most cases, when you apply for an online loan, you determine your range of options yourself by realistically analyzing your limits.

The main idea of ‚Äč‚Äčexpress loans is to keep your independence at all costs. You know your financial situation best. So you are responsible for choosing the size of your loan. In addition, considering the resources you have, you can take an instant loan from an internet company without the need for collateral. Unlike banks, loan companies do not require this from their clients.

Securing the loan means providing a guarantee of debt repayment to the bank by putting personal property as collateral. If you are unable to settle your debt, the pledge goes to the bank. In practice, this means that a natural person bears the risk of losing a car or real estate to the bank if he fails to comply with the terms of the loan agreement.

Online loan companies do not require this type of security. This makes the loan process much less complicated and faster, and the borrower’s application remains as anonymous as possible as the creditor does not pay attention to the purpose of the loan. However, this does not mean a lack of consistency in the event of failure to comply with the contract. It only guarantees that the sanctions imposed on the borrower do not affect his personal property, e.g. a car or real estate.



Since online loan companies do not require collateral, how can they be sure that borrowers will meet their obligations? They can do this by imposing other types of penalties for non-payment of loans. If you do not follow certain rules, you can quickly find out about the losses that express loans can cause. By violating the terms of the contract, you not only fall into debt, but also run the risk of numerous consequences resulting from your negligence.

The loan company may impose increased interest rates, commissions and penalties in the event of the customer’s insolvency. If you do not comply with the terms of the contract, they may change, making debt settlement more difficult and expensive.

If the terms of the loan agreement are violated to the extent that the borrower’s financial competence is questioned, the creditor has the right to report it to the debt database, e.g. BIK or KRD. Borrowers whose names will be placed on BIK lists lose their right to obtain a loan. If you value the freedom with which you can take out a loan, which guarantees you greater opportunities, you should avoid at all costs a situation that could lead to your entry on the BIK list. If you are aware of your limitations and manage your finances responsibly, you should not have a problem with that.

Express loan costs

The cost of the loan depends mainly on its size and repayment date. Therefore, it is difficult to determine in advance how much an express loan costs. Your loan depends on the enterprise, the interest rate offered and the APRC, i.e. the actual annual interest rate. The lower the APRC, the cheaper your loan will be. So when choosing a loan for yourself, keep an eye on the indicators we just discussed.

Express loan – simplification or trap?

Express loan - simplification or trap?

Companies offering instant cash are currently under fire from the media, initiated by numerous stories of people who have not complied with the terms of the contract and have suffered. The messages only speak about the disadvantages and negative consequences of instant loans. It is worth remembering, however, that all these stories relate to unpaid liabilities.

If you comply with the terms of the contract, this type of situation has no right to happen to you. That is why you should carefully choose the loan to your options so as to make sure that you have chosen the right option that will provide you with quick cash and that you are able to pay back on time.

Choosing the first opportunity can sometimes seem extremely tempting. Do not forget that in the process of selecting the right loan you must be critical and act sensitively, so you will not be fooled by wild promises. Otherwise, you risk that the loan will lead to a situation where you pay back the basic amount, interest and penalties indefinitely.

Who decides on a consumer loan?

Who decides on a consumer loan?

Most people once found themselves in a situation where they lacked money. A consumer loan has repeatedly been a lifebuoy for such people. In fact, most people in need of money are the target group in the context of a consumer loan. In addition, many people choose this type of loan after the bank refuses to grant a loan.



You should only apply for a loan if you are satisfied with its conditions. The optimal solution is characterized by compliance of the offer with the needs and income of the client. In order to distinguish “the only” loan from many other offers available on the web, it can be very useful to know the individual concepts used in the context of instant loans.

  • APRC is a key term used in the world of loan companies. It is an abbreviation of Actual Annual Interest Rate, which specifies the costs associated with the loan, expressed as a percentage per year. If you want to use APRC to compare loans, remember that you can combine them only if the amount and repayment date are the same. Similarly, if you are looking for a loan with the lowest interest rate.
  • The total cost of the loan means the exact price you have to pay to get the loan. This term covers the costs associated with the loan, i.e. interest, commissions, fees and margins.
  • The maturity, also known as the repayment date, is the period of time in which you must pay off your loan. It can range from a month to several years.
  • The nominal interest rate is the effective interest rate on the loan per year. The frequency of its calculation also plays an important role. Depending on the loan, interest may be charged monthly, semi-annually or annually. At the same time, it can be variable or constant. It is difficult to find a “free” loan. The vast majority of companies on the market demand interest on the loan they grant. Thus, it is an additional debt expense that the borrower pays in exchange for a quick response and cash payment from the creditor.

In some cases, you may find additional terms and conditions regarding the loan agreement. When you decide on an online loan, you are guaranteed a different approach to the customer than the one you might have had with traditional bank loans. In addition, instant loans offer far more benefits than those a bank employee can offer you. First of all, the processing time of your application is reduced to a minimum, and you get a monthly grace period, a fixed interest rate, or the possibility of taking a loan despite the unfavorable BIK status. It’s worth learning more about this topic before you decide to sign a contract. Also, be sure to pay attention to the information in small print, as some conditions may seem incomprehensible. For example, a condition required by a loan company may be acceptance of its privacy policy and terms of use of cookies.



On our website, we have selected the best loan companies on the market, thanks to which you have a real chance to find reliable and profitable offers. You can easily find key information such as the loan amount, repayment date, interest rate or APRC, as well as the lender’s response time. Thus, you can easily check which loan is right for you by comparing offers with each other. We also drew attention to the advantages of individual offers, which in our opinion are the most important.

The best loan requires a little effort to create a plan. Despite the time allotted, you can still be sure that you will receive cash quickly – even on the day of applying for a loan.

Currently the cheapest loan

Currently the cheapest loan

In order to facilitate the process of searching for a loan that meets your requirements, we give you the option of sorting and filtering offers that you can find on our website. You can sort the results from the cheapest offer and choose the loan amount in the menu on the left of the screen, thanks to which you will find the loan that is currently the cheapest on the market.


Good habits

Good habits

If you decide on an express loan that you cannot pay later, you will feel the negative effects of this situation. However, if you have chosen the right loan, you will certainly avoid such circumstances. With an online loan, you have the option of borrowing money instantly, which you can equally quickly use for any purpose. If you want to make sure you’re taking a secure express loan, you’ll need to spend a little more time planning your project carefully. If you want to meet the repayment conditions, we recommend you prepare a budget sheet before starting any activities.

The budget sheet gives you complete insight into your finances. So this is the first thing you should have when you are considering getting a loan. Knowing how much you can pay off in the future, you can realistically assess the repayment date and interest rate that best suits your options.

How much can I borrow?

How much can I borrow?

You can choose a loan that suits your expenses. On our website you will find loans in the range from 100 to 200,000 PLN. In other words, you can take up to PLN 200,000 in loans through Many Bankis. However, we advise you not to take out a loan for a larger sum than you need, which will make it easier for you to pay it back.

In addition, the budget allows you to correctly allocate the funds at your disposal. When you create a budget, you calculate the net value of your income. This is the amount that is at your disposal after paying all the obligations that you have, e.g. monthly rent or installment for the car. In addition, the spreadsheet should contain information on planned consumption expenses, such as food, clothes, amenities, and expenses related to your loan.

If you manage to create a detailed budget that includes expenses, consumption and debt repayment, you won’t have to worry about meeting your loan conditions. All thanks to the fact that you managed to schedule your loan repayment and put aside funds for this specific purpose, thanks to which you can settle your obligations quickly and without problems.



Thanks to the express loan you can be sure of quick cash withdrawals, which allows you to use your money without delay to fulfill your biggest dreams. This desire for immediate cash can be met thanks to a cheap, express loan that you will get from one of the non-bank companies on our site.

The common denominator of the offers collected on our website is an instant response to customer questions and an efficient application processing system, thanks to which the money goes to the account of those interested almost immediately after signing the contract. At the same time, there are significant differences between the offers, which mainly relate to the size of the loan, proposed conditions, requirements and the repayment period.

Express loans for young people usually involve smaller amounts because the young generation often does not have enough funds to pay off their debts. The most popular among such people are simple, quick loans without interest, because they enable a carefree, youthful life. Slightly older people, with a more stable income, are happy to use loans for larger sums. However, it is difficult to outline the borrower’s overall profile due to differences in life experiences, earnings, habits and needs.

When choosing a loan, you must remember that the terms of your contract vary depending on the amount you decide to borrow. If you choose a higher amount, the repayment period will be longer, while smaller loans will be repaid faster. Other factors, including the APRC, and consumer benefits may also change as the loan size changes. Therefore, it is worth using the loan calculator on our website. In this way, you can clearly specify the terms of the loan agreement, so you will be able to analyze offers that meet your expectations and suit your situation.

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